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Ambiente Kitchen Takeover at Aryaduta Jakarta

Award-winning chef and food writer Petty Elliott were invited to hold a special evening at Ambiente Ristorante last month to combine Indonesian flair with Italian food. Petty Elliott is widely known for her innovative Indonesian – Fusion cuisine, especially for Manadonese food. During the evening of splendors with Petty Elliot, she served iconic Indonesian dishes with Italian twist assisted by Ambiente’s Executive Chef Matteo Meacci.

Highlights on the menu include following creations; Prawns and Roasted Tomatoes, Red Paprika Soup

– tomato, red paprika sup bumbu woku, basil oil served with sukun roasted tomatoes, red paprika

soup infused with lemongrass, basil and lime leaves, minyak kemangi, and bread fruit; Ikan Gohu

tuna carpaccio, chilies, preserved belimbing wuluh, shallots, calamansi, basil, extra virgin coconut oil;

Labu Parang Lodeh Ravioli – roasted pumpkin, ravioli, lodeh sauce; Bubur Manado – Manadonese

style risotto, corn, spinach, sweet potatoes straw, roa sambal, basil oil served with fillet barramundi;

and Dessert – kanari nuts semifreddo, kanari nougat, caramelized pineapple with palm sugar infused

with pandan leaves, tuile for your sweet endings.