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Mowilex Celebrates Bali’s Artistry

Last month Mowilex Indonesia launched long-expected photographic book “Balinese Woodcarving – A Heritage to Treasure” at Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) Museum and Resort in Ubud, Bali. This book launching attended by local artists, hoteliers, and entrepreneur . They were fascinated and anticipated for 19 gifted Balinese woodcarvers and their spellbinding creations. These skilled artisans and taleted crafstmen have more than capable knowledge of the importance of preserving Balinese artforms. As purveyor of premium wood stain products, Mowilex shared similar passion and commitment.

Niko Safavi received wood carvings from I Nyoman Gede Budi Darmawan (left) and with Agung Rai as the owner of ARMA Museum and Resort

“We’re honored that Balinese artisans have entrusted the protection, decoration, and preservation of their masterpieces to Mowilex wood stain products, for almost half a century. We listen to feedback so we can create the finest products for these wooden masterpieces,” said Mowilex Indonesia President Director Niko Safavi.

Balinese Woodcraving is such an unique art form. They can unite spiritual and religious values and provide an understanding of the principles that underlie and inspire the art. Similar belief shared by Cultural Expert from Ubud Tjokorda Raka Kerthyasa. “Art and spirituality form an integral and indivisible part of the Hindu religion and Balinese culture. A masterpiece’s intricate designs encapsulate sacred values, cherished by everyone.”

The book aimed to teach, entertain and inspire hoteliers, designers, and anyone interested in art, craft, Bali or woodcarving. It captured the lives of five Balinese artisans and revealed how they learned their craft and mastered it. “Artists with families depend on us financially. We must find a balance between preserving the values of woodcarving and increasing commercial value for the artist,” said Garuda Maestro Woodcarver I Made Ada.

Mowilex was proud to support this important cause, and passed these values, stories and skills on to the next generation. “We support Bali’s woodcarving industry because these artists capture the philosophy, history and cultural values of the Balinese people. We wish to preserve their legacy for many generations to come,” Niko wished