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Shadow Puppet Show by Wayang Suket Indonesia

Roro Jonggrang Wayang Suket performance brought alive the folklore from Central Java titled “Roro Jonggrang”, a story of thousand temples and love of a prince who ended up being condemned by a princesses’ ruse.

This performance, which was hosted by Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta on 13 August, used Wayang Suket, in combination with Shadow Visual Art Techniques. There are three main components in this performance, namely Wayang Suket as props or a tool to tell the story, Visual Art to support background of the story, and Music to add soul to the performance of Suket Puppets.

Wayang Suket is made from Mendong grass (dried grass) which is woven into shapes of temples, other props and characters portrayed in the play Roro Jonggrang.

Music, which is used to illustrate each scene in the Roro Jonggrang story, accompanied the performance contemporarily and combines several types of modern and traditional instruments such as guitar, synthesizer, percussion, flute and karinding (traditional music instrument), among others.

“Wayang Suket Indonesia” is a group of young artists from Solo who endeavour to preserve Wayang Suket, one of Indonesia’s cultural arts and heritage. Their vision is to showcase Wayang Suket to the world – depicting the fascinating cultural heritage and wisdom of Indonesian people.