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Another Point of View from Local to International

Art Moments Jakarta, the leading contemporary art fair in Indonesia

Not everyone understands art. Sometimes you have to see it through the hidden message from the art itself. Particularly, contemporary art with all the creativity and different point of views from the artists. That’s why many artists try to make their art creation easier to understand by using the items around us or even from the recent phenomenon.

Art Moments Jakarta, the leading contemporary art fair in Indonesia, unite the collectors, local and international art galleries, and art enthusiasts, to encourage the growth of art appreciation and collection in Indonesia. Held at the Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel from May 3rd to 5th, more than 30 art galleries displayed the best of their creation. More than 30.000 new and established collectors such as photography, video art, sculptures, to special installations were held for three-day straight. Leo Silitonga, founder and art curator of Art Moments Jakarta, said that the aim is to make Jakarta worthy of being an international art destination.

The highlight of this show featuring remarkable and iconic artworks from two leading artists, Mr. and Heri Dono. With his three installations and two artworks that portray creations, Heri Dono draws new perceptions from traditional art practice through performance and visual arts to engage in tense dialogues with his audience. He’s best known through his installation that stem from his work with Wayang, a popular Javanese folk theatre. He combines visual arts, singing, music, storytelling, philosophy of life, social criticisms, and humor through his art.

Meanwhile, Mr. for the first time displayed his works in Jakarta with his neo-pop artworks comprise paintings and sculpture with manga and anime character, as well as video games in a typical kawaii style to examine high and low forms of contemporary expression. He blends childlike features with innocent undertones and contrasting it with the bright cheerfulness of his all-powerful characters, a wider reflection upon solitude and social anxiety.


Another exhibitors that features in Art Moment Jakarta:

A Space by Ruru Gallery (Jakarta)

AGSI (Indonesia)

ARTDOOR Gallery (Taipei)

Amarta Gallery (Bali)

Artkaarts (Jakarta)

Art Agenda (Singapore)

Art Porters Gallery (Singapore)

Art:1 by Mon Décor Gallery (Jakarta)

Asiahues (Vietnam)

Be Fine Art in collaboration with Ostashov (Taipei)

CG Artspace (Jakarta)

Common Art Centre (Beijing)

D Gallerie (Jakarta)

Dunia Art Gallery (Jakarta)

G13 Gallery (Kuala Lumpur)

Gajah Gallery (Singapore, Yogyakarta)

Gudang Gambar (Jakarta)

Indonesian Luxury (Jakarta)

KOHESI INITIATIVES part of Srisasanti Syndicate (Yogyakarta)

Lawangwangi (Bandung)

Moon Art (Jakarta)

Nadi Gallery (Jakarta)

PERROTIN (Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong)

Phillips Auctioneers (New York, London)

Ruci Art Space (Jakarta)

Sangkring Art Space (Yogyakarta)

Saudara Gallery (Jakarta)

Seobi (Surabaya)

Syang Art Space (Magelang)

World of Arts (Jakarta)