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Find Your Flavour

Wolf Blass highlights the sauce of Asian dishes to address wine pairing misconceptions


At least eight out of ten Southeast Asia wine drinkers still don’t believe that wine matches Asian food despite the growing number of wine drinkers in the region. To answer this misconception, the leading Australian wine brand Wolf Blass and Michelin Guide highlight Asian dishes that perfectly represent the complementary nature between great wines and great food.

Through a regional campaign titled ‘Find Your Flavour’ Wolf Blass and Michelin Guide offer an opportunity for consumers to trial new food and wine pairings and encouraging everyone to ‘Find Your Flavour’ through unique, experimental combinations with Wolf Blass wines.

Sam Stephens

Chefs from four Michelin-starred restaurants across Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan studied the profile of Wolf Blass Gold Label wines and crafted recipes with local sauces as the main highlight. This followed an observation that food in the region tends to be more sauce-heavy compared to Western cuisines – the insight underpinning this campaign. Additionally, meals in the region tend to be served family-style instead of a multi-course sequence, presenting a challenge for wine pairings. By looking at the sauces, similarities in the dishes could help to identify a wine that will match well with the meal.

The chefs engaged are Chef Manjunath Mural from Song of India (Singapore), Chef Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn from Le Du (Thailand), Chef Lam Ming Kin from Longtail (Taiwan) and Chef He Hong Ping from Da San Yuan (Taiwan), and they created complementary sauces after tasting the Gold Label Shiraz, Gold Label Cabernet Sauvignon, and Gold Label Chardonnay. With these curated sauces as the basis for wine pairing, Wolf Blass reinvents the rules of food and wine pairing – educating consumer to look to the sauces as an indicator when it comes to Asian food, rather than at the proteins.