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Bold. Immediate. Individual.

The SOONOW DROP ONE limited edition by HYT pays a vibrant, colorful tribute to the power of time’s flow to create unrepeatable moments.

Like life, time is never black and white. As soon becomes now, time and again, existences gain new dimensions and meaning, tinged with overtones of productive anticipation and tension. The bold color scheme of the SOONOW DROP ONE, and the expressive skull, are a spectacular celebration of individuality. The ongoing, dynamic creation of time’s content is heightened by the product drop concept. This perfectly showcases rarity as luxury, as well as the importance of seizing the moment.

Blue flirts with purple on an anodized titanium dial hosting 313 18-karat yellow gold pins and 937 high-precision perforations. The color green characterizes striking detail in the eye sockets and the atmospheric glow of a Super-LumiNova rail. Lacquered neon orange carefully traces the outlines of the eye, nose and mouth openings. All of the facial features in the SOONOW DROP ONE keep life’s vital transience front of mind. One eye socket is home to a power reserve disc in green, orange and black. The other eye focuses on the passing of the seconds; there the words “SOON” and “NOW” remind us of time’s transience more dramatically than the most reactive iris ever could.