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Henry Jacques LES TOUPIES: Mr. H & Mrs. Y

The first couple is iconic. The two fragrances are iconic too.

Les Toupies – Spinning Tops – are the expression of everyone’s inner dream. They portray an initial love that remains, as everything, in the elegant complexity of life’s journey, changes and fades away.

So much can be seen in their gleaming silhouette:

They seem to be turning to the rhythm of an endless waltz; channeling the great celestial dance that makes life on earth possible; or is it just a tender souvenir? A carousel and its melody, in a park, at dusk, with the one you love.

Now, Henry Jacques reveals the latest pieces in its whimsical realm of emotions and storytelling, becoming part of its rare collection of Masterpieces. Beyond being life stories, they are love stories, and the first evidence was that Toupies would be couples, Woman and Man.

Each contains its own, unique and exclusive fragrance, one for men and one for women, the kind of fragrance that parfumiers strive their whole life to achieve. They are timeless and universal, with a real distinction to their style.

A technical and artistic breakthrough for Great Perfumery.

These extraordinary crystal creations – unlike anything perfumery has seen in its long history – are the result of over three years of developments. They are specially designed for those with an endless passion for art, historic French craftsmanship and olfactive know-how. Every detail has been worked obsessively by Christophe Tollemer, our Artistic Director. Designing a bottle that would be both multifaceted, symmetrical but with no central point and yet stable to hold the most precious nectars was a journey in itself.

The Man flacon is slightly larger than the Woman and when observing them, no matter how you place them, synergies appear, their curves seem to respond each other’s.

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