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The New Zegna Path

Mahersala Ali

A purveyor of timelessly modern clothing to generations of men over the last one hundred and ten years, Zegna has always adopted an ever-evolving mindset. Now the brand seeks to encourage an open conversation around what makes a man today. Zegna’s desire to facilitate this conversation is the major purpose of the new brand campaign. This campaign is a platform for discussion – and perhaps some provocation. The brand recognizes that it takes courage to express a new type of masculinity – a masculinity that is, perhaps, different from the idealized versions of masculinity that have existed for so long. With a deep respect for this courage, Zegna, a brand rooted in tailoring and fine craftsmanship, is also embracing an idea of masculinity that is fluid, sensitive, and unequivocal.

Mahershala Ali and Nicholas Tse serve as the faces for the campaign. Two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali is a versatile actor who has depicted and embodied many shades of masculinity. He is a natural fit to represent the idea of what a man is a today. He brings a personal gravitas and a lightness of spirit, inner richness, and wit. The talented and multifaceted artist Nicholas Tse was destined to become a star since the day he was born. His unique personality and passion for the arts, coupled with his determination to challenge stereotypes, makes him the perfect voice to explore the meaning of modern masculinity.

Openness makes a man. A willingness to accept change as the force that shapes life. The ultimate message, after all, is one of acceptance and, eventually, self-acceptance. Of kindness as a supreme form of strength.