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A Burst of Flavours

  Ismaya presents its first Indian restaurant

Ismaya has constantly created unique and fresh concepts of food and beverage. This time, the group combines innovation and tradition in a place named Gunpowder Kitchen & Bar. Located at Plaza Indonesia, the restaurant has a homey yet playful vibe with the colorful interior as well as ethnic hanging lanterns and intricate wooden patterns.

Pani Puri Poppers

With Chef Manjunath Mural who is the first Indian Chef to score a Michelin Star in Southeast Asia as the executive chef, Gunpowder puts Indian spices to global cuisines resulting in a burst of flavors. Last month, The Peak tried some of their signature dishes. We started with the crunchy Pani Puri Poppers. The bites were put on shot glasses that were filled with mango and mint dressing. Pour a glass of dressing into the bite then feel it explodes in the mouth when you eat the bite at once. The mild and sweet mango dressing balanced the tasty bite meanwhile the mint dressing gave a spark with a little bit spicy flavor.

Chicken Tikka Naan Pizza

Next, we tried Cauliflowers Fritters. It was tasteful and a bit spicy with a crispy texture outside but very soft and moist inside. There was also Chicken Tikka Naan Pizza. Gunpowder used thin and crispy Naan as the base then topped it with tender Chicken Tikka, mint chutney, also Gunpowder spicy. It was a dish with a beautiful combination of flavors, textures, and colors.

As the main course, we had Butter Chicken Pot Pie. It was orange-colored chicken curry served with a huge puff pastry on top and a selection of naan. The tasty flavor of garlic and cheese naan matched perfectly and enhanced the mild and slightly sweet curry without overpowering it. Besides the curry, we tried Mast Briyani which was flavorful and had a fresh taste and completed with tender Chicken Tikka.

Himalayan Molten Cake

Qulfi Popsicle

We ended the meal with Qulfi Popsicle, a smooth mango ice cream that uniquely served on colorful Indian vermicelli named falooda. Not only that, but we also had a warm Himalayan Molten Cake. The chocolate cake was not too sweet but still very pleasing especially with chocolate ganache inside.

      Whats From The Bar


Mumbai express

Don’t judge the cocktail by its look because Mumbai Express was a quite strong cocktail. It was a refreshing and mild-spicy cocktail made from a mixture of passion fruit, vodka, pineapple, and jalapeno.

The Gunpowder

A smoky cocktail with cooling sensation made from forest berry tea infused whiskey, milk protein, rooh afza, rose essence and multiple aromatic botanicals. Inspired by the pre-colonial style, the cocktail would be a perfect remedy to a hot summer day.