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A Family Feast

Segundo presents comfort food in Indo-Mediterranean style

Through Segundo, Chef Andrea aims to create healthy yet tasty food

A proverb says that food tastes better when you eat it with family. Well, in that case, Segundo is a place where every food comes in a portion that can be shared with your loved ones and though you don’t share with others, the food still tastes delectable.

Situated in Hotel Monopoli, Kemang, the restaurant is led by Chef Andrea Peresthu. With the 17-years experience of living across the Mediterranean countries, his cooking style has been strongly influenced by those countries. In Segundo, he incorporated the Mediterranean influence with Indonesian cuisine resulting in comfort and home-cooked food. “We keep our Indonesian food as authentic as it is from the way we prepare it, the taste, but the way it’s cooked and presented is following the Mediterranean style. We want to make the restaurant for family food,” Chef Andrea explained.

Last month, The Peak had an opportunity to savour some signatures of the restaurant whose name means “second” in Spanish. As a starter, we tried Calamari Fritos. The calamari was light and tasty with a crispy texture on the outside yet still easy to chew. To enrich its flavour, we squeezed a lemon slice on top of the dish. The citrusy flavour gave a spark to the dish as well as balanced the alioli. Next, there was Tapas Platter consisted of shrimps and grilled vegetables namely red paprika, aubergine, zucchini, and arugula. It was a healthy and fresh platter with an excellent combination of the smokey flavour from grilled vegetables and the slightly sweet flavour from the shrimps.

Beef is a mandatory menu when you are in Segundo. Unlike other restaurants, Segundo only uses aged-beef instead of frozen beef. “We use every part from the prime cut to secondary cut and its derivatives. We want people to appreciate and experience every cut,” Chef Andrea added. Segundo provides sirloin cut, rib-eye cut, prime ribs, short loin from T-bone and porterhouse cut.

We tried Fiesta de Carne, an assorted of those beef cut with various levels of doneness. Segundo usually only seasons its beef with olive oil and salt but for this menu Chef Andrea added three kinds of home-made sauce namely black pepper sauce, champignon sauce, and chimichurri that made the tender beef even more tasteful. Fiesta de Carne also included the little bit spicy Kerawang style Sate Maranggi Wagyu and savoury home-made Wagyu Sausage.

From the local menu, we had Ikan Bakar Rica Loco. No wonder it was named loco (in Spanish means “crazy”) because those who try this will definitely be crazy about it. The mackerel fish had spicy and tropical flavours that pleased our Indonesian palate. What was interesting, though the dish was Indonesian, it still had a Mediterranean hint in its presentation especially with fresh tomatoes, red onion, and leaves as a topping.

Speaking of the local delicacy, Nasi Goreng (fried rice) has always been in everybody’s list, no exception for Chef Andrea. In Segundo, he mixed the fried rice with sliced beef cheek or known as cingur in Indonesia. It was quite a unique and unusual dish since cingur is commonly used for rujak.

Segundo’s Cocktails

Aside from its mouth-watering dishes, Segundo also has a wide-range selection of cocktails. From the refreshing classic cocktails such as Vodka and Gin Martini, Whiskey Sour, Negroni, Cosmopolitan, and Caipirosca to the bold and smokey signature cocktail like No Tresspassing Go to Jail.