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A True Work of Art

The Macallan Black is the pinnacle of The Macallan Decanter Series, which celebrates the mastery, creativity and character that defines the very heart of The Macallan’s extraordinary single malt Scotch whisky. It is born from a unique collaboration between three masters of their crafts: The Macallan, Fabien Baron and Lalique.

A single malt capturing time gone by, the M Black is a testament to the custodians who have nurtured and guarded the casks and their precious contents for generations. Displaying a rich natural colour, drawn from the exceptional oak casks, the second release of M Black delivers dried fruit, caramel and orange which move into an intense, long peat smoke finish. On the nose, there are aromas of dried fruits with hints of fresh cherries, toffee apple, caramel and orange which on tasting develop into a pleasant smokiness, punctuated by ginger and oak. Hints of sweet almond and biscuit give way to a long-lasting peat smoke finish.

Capturing the expressive aesthetic of Fabien Baron’s illustrious creative vision, the M Black decanter’s tall, slim dimensions and iconic geometric form push the boundaries of traditional decanter design. Its sharp, angular facets gave inspiration to the name M Black itself, selected as a typographic representation of the decanter’s striking design. The name also conveys the black crystal material of the decanter and hints at the dark flavour profile of the whisky encased within.

Through black crystal, a more complex and technically challenging material than clear crystal, Lalique has reinvented traditional conventions of crystal making. René Lalique knew the power of this alliance, the strange encounter between darkness and transparency and The Macallan M Black decanter emits an enchanting vision of contemporary black crystal with spectacular depth.