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Cork & Screw Country Club: An Urban Escape

Cork & Screw Country Club offers a sanctuary in the middle of the city with elevated comfort food by Chef Fernando Sindu

On my recent visit to Cork & Screw Country Club (CSCC), I finally found a space where I feel away from Jakarta, but right in the center of the hustle and bustle of Senayan area. For a second, the place that is hidden enough to serve as a retreat felt like a beach club in Bali. Aside from savoring the extensive selection of Asian, Indonesian and Western cuisine, you can order snacks delivered straight to your daybed by the pool, enjoying parties with DJs and live sets during the golden hours, Sunday brunch with the family at the lawn, or tasting some of the rarest collection of wine.

“The concept is all-day dining so everyone can come and enjoy. When you look at the menu we have a very different spectrum of food,” says Fernando Sindu or familiarly called Nando, the Executive Chef of CSCC who is also in-charge of Benedict and SevenFriday Space.

Chef Nando created a strong and comprehensive menu that is familiar-yet-new. When The Peak tasted some of his Indonesian highlights he presented, Nasi Gudeg Bromo, Nasi Cumi Pekalongan, and Soto Betawi. He also served several of CSCC favorites such as Crispy Tuna Tataki Salad, Nachos, Lawn Mini Burger, Spaghetti Carbonara, and Grilled Salmon Miso.

“I want to bring forth the country and street-style food to this establishment. Presenting food that is very common to something more elaborate. Most of the food in the menu are some of my all-time street favorites,” says Chef Nando. “I want people to come here without hesitation. At CSCC there is something for everyone,” he adds.

Another highlight of CSCC is the delightful desserts menu created by chef Charins Chang, Head Pastry Chef of CSCC and Benedict who also started her own online pastry shop She served us The Banana and Ferrero Rocher Bar, which were absolutely the perfect ending that brought back my childhood memories at first bite.

“Inspiration comes from random things in life. I learned my skills from the world-famous French pastry chef Cédric Grolet and applied his techniques to the local flavors. Since everyone loves banana here, and we have different types of banana, therefore The Banana,” says chef Charins. “Ferrero Roche is my favorite chocolate, I love the texture, flavors, and smoothness of the cream, so I took all that as the inspiration,” she concludes.

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Chef Fernando Sindu
After studying at the Culinary Institute of America, New York, he worked at several top restaurants before returning to Jakarta. He is now Executive Chef of Benedict, SevenFriday Space, and Cork & Screw Country Club.

Chef Charins Chang
Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, she continued her passion and moved to France to pursue a career of a pâtissięr. Today, she is the Head Pastry Chef for Union Group’s Benedict and Cork & Screw Country Club.

01 Grilled Miso Salmon
A Japanese-inspired dish that consists of salmon gyoza, genmai salad, sesame soy dressing, crispy nori, sautéed spinach, and baby bok choy.

02 Crispy Tuna Tataki Salad
The go-to-salad that consists of avocado. Corn, radish, eggs, wakame, nori crackers, and truffled sesame dressing.

03 Nasi Cumi Pekalongan
Traditional Pekalongan recipe that consists of two kinds of squid, sambal hejo, and belimbing wuluh salsa.

04. Nasi Gudeg Bromo
A traditional dish from Yogyakarta that consists of grilled chicken, krecek sambal, tofu bacem, braised young jack fruit, egg balado, chicken opor gravy, nasi gurih, and crispy tempe.

05. The Banana
Indonesian favourite fruit with a twist that consists of butterscotch ganache, molten banana, banana cake, and crumble.

06. Ferrero Rocher Bar
Inspired by everyone’s favorite chocolate and hazelnut confectionery, the dessert consists of choux pastry, raspberry compote, and fresh raspberry