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Aria’s Music Universe

A luxury boutique hotel inspired by world musical heritage

Last month, during my trip to Budapest, Hungary, I had a chance to stay in Aria Hotel Budapest and enjoyed an extraordinary experience of Hungarian and world musical heritage. Located in the historic city center on the Pest side of the Danube River, precisely, beside the renowned St. Stephen’s Basilica, Aria is a luxury boutique hotel with an exquisite design inspired by music. Designed by Zoltan Varro, Aria has four wings with the rich and lavish atmosphere of Hungarian palace that dedicated to four major music genres.

I stayed in The Classical Music Wing which captures the power and beauty of classical music through shades of hazelnut contrast with the vivid pop of turquoise. Venetian Murano glass chandeliers, coffered ceiling, and a historical violin sketch etched into the custom-made carpet heightened the room as well as give a sophisticated elegance. The Jazz Wing is inspired by the ambiance of 1920’s jazz club. Feel the Hollywood glamour vibe from the spotlights and polished trunk-style writing tables that perfectly mixed with the edgy roughness of hard floors, exposed brick ceilings and the accent walls made from the original brick of the historic 19th-century building.

There is also an elegant and luxurious Opera Wing. With the combination of cool shades of gray and sensuous shades of lilac and orchid, the room has a lush and decadent color palette. The Opera room also perfected by the Neo-Baroque furnishings that modernized with streamlined forms and colors. Last, The Contemporary Wing which inspired by the pop art style of the 1970s. Bringing the bright and fresh atmosphere, the room has whimsical elements like custom-made headboards which create both fun and funky ambiance.

Taste The Music

Grilled Seabass at Liszt Restaurant

Aria Hotel Budapest also has a signature restaurant developed by Executive Chef Gergely Kövér and Pastry Chef Zsuzsanna Karádi named Liszt. First opened on May, Liszt uses music themed on their menu as well. Appetizers are listed as Prelude and soups are the Symphony, meanwhile the main courses known as Concerto. All delicate dishes are made with fresh ingredients from farms and purveyors across Hungary, Transylvania, the Dalmatian coast and parts of modern-day Ukraine and Slovakia.

Using traditional ingredients and methods, the Overture of the menu is freshly baked bread and salted butter that come from sourdough, a base of grape seeds, grape skins and specialty bread flour. The Paraphrase of the menu is the in-house filtered water, a reference to the mineral-rich waters that Hungary’s landscape has long been known for. For the Encore or desserts, pastry chef Zsuzsanna Karádi has created a thought-provoking and original dishes which the reminiscent of the classic treat Europeans. Last but not least, an inventive cocktail menu is available to complement the modern Hungarian menu by bar managers Péter Gózon and Richárd Mihály.