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For those who prefer open space, the cafe has semi-outdoor and outdoor areas. In the semi-outdoor area, guests can enjoy the breeze and a green-courtyard view, whilst the outdoor area enables guests to smoke while sitting on a comfortable and relaxing sofa. Like its predecessor in Grand Indonesia and other countries, Greyhound Gunawarman applied a monochrome colour palette both for its interior and highlighted it with instagramable mural.

What makes Greyhound Gunawarman different is the grilled menu that was inspired by Bangkok’s food street culture such as grilled seafood with Thai spices rich sauce, in addition to their existing menu which is the same as Greyhound Grand Indonesia. Nevertheless, Greyhound Gunawarman sticks on their concept which is twist Thai food with an international touch and vice versa. Greyhound’s signature snacks and desserts, namely Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings, Salmon Carpaccio, Coconut Crepe Cake, Happy Toast are also available. Not to mention their interesting beverage such as Thai drinks, refreshing healthy cocktails, 100 percent Arabica custom blend coffee, and classic cocktails.