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At the heart of Central Jakarta, there is a sanctuary for the sweet tooth called Exquise Patisserie. Originated from the French word ‘exquise’ which means possessing qualities of unusual delicacy and fine craftsmanship, Exquise Patisserie brings wide selections of colorful delicacies in a various range of entremets or whole cakes, petit gateau or individual sliced cakes, and freshly baked French pastries.  Not only focusing on the presentation and taste, the patisserie also brings Parisian ambiance and interior to its boutique café that creates a more intimate and enjoyable atmosphere.

Mousse cake is a must-try when you visit Exquise Patisserie. For those who are chocolate lover, Pierre could be a perfect choice. It’s a flourless Belgian dark chocolate mousse sponge cake with passion fruits curd and hazelnut praline crisp inside. For fruity flavor, there is Emilie, a mango mousse cake with Coconut Dacquoise, layered with vanilla chantilly cream, Dulce de Leche and ginger mango marmalade.

What’s more important is you don’t have to feel guilty because the patisserie also has no-added-sugar and low calories cakes. Try Pierre Tropicana Slim and Eleanor, light cheesecake with almond crumble and covered with white chocolate spray and the gluten-free Dominique which made from  60 percent Belgian dark chocolate with banana cream, chocolate sponge and peanut butter crisp. Other than that, you also serve a custom-made cake as well as all-day dining menus and various kind of beverages.