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I Scream for (Black) Ice Cream

An anti-mainstream combination of durian and bamboo charcoal

Nothing beats the pleasant sensation of soft and sweet ice cream streams down your throat in the middle of a sunny day. Black Cones is one of the ice cream parlors in town where you can go to fulfil that thirst. But before you go, don’t expect to find any common ice cream flavors like vanilla, strawberry or chocolate when you come to Black Cones. Instead of serving the regular ice cream taste, Black Cones dares you to try unique and enticing flavours. Officially opened at the end of October, Black Cones offers bamboo charcoal-based ice cream.

Though it was launched only a month ago, Black Cones has already opened three outlets in Jakarta, and The Peak recently went to one of the spots located in Padang Merdeka restaurant at Kota Tua, North Jakarta. Unlike any other ice cream parlour that serves bamboo charcoal ice cream, Black Cones mixes its ice cream with durian or known as the king of fruits. It might sound quite extreme since durian has a strong taste and smell. Though lots of people love the fruit, some also annoyed by it. The strong taste and smell can be difficult to neutralize, but Black Cones has successfully overcome that tricky part.

We tried the Black Durian, and guaranteed, if one does a blind-test with this ice cream, one will not even realize that it contains durian. Those who are not a fan of durian might even like this flavor. The solid black ice cream was very mild yet still has durian aftertaste. We also tried mango flavored ice cream called Mango Tango, which was refreshing, smooth and has the right amount of sweetness. Why have one flavor when you can have both? Black Cones offers a Twist variant, a combination of Black Durian and Mango Tango which gives delightful sensation to the palate as well as eye-catching contrast colors of black and yellow.