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A midday meal experience for the pleasure seekers.

Widely recognized as one of the happening nightlife spots in South Jakarta, León now welcomes the lunch crowd to explore its culinary side. Situated at Wijaya Street, the establishment brought by De La House Project offers a spacious common area and relaxed atmosphere for drinking and dining starting at 11.00 AM.

Surrounded by brick walls, cement floor, long bar table, leather sofas and floor-to-ceiling windows the two-story-tall establishment is a resemblance to a loft apartment in New York City. The modern industrial concept that reflects masculinity is the perfect hangout for the pleasure seekers.

Last month, The Peak got a chance to preview the latest lunch menu from León’s kitchen. It was the first time we came for lunch, as for the dinner menu, without a doubt, serves high-quality cuisines by creatively twisting the classics with a touch of rustic styles, such as  the Tomahawk, rib eye served with mashed potato and roasted vegetables under Chimichurri sauce; or the Duck Platter, roasted boneless duck served with tangy sauce and steamed rice. And for the drinks, we all know that LEÓN celebrates the cocktail culture by serving the classics and signatures.