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More Than Just A Tea Party


Who says only Mad Hatter can have a magical tea party in Wonderland? Here, in the middle of a busy cosmopolitan city, you can also have one. For the tea lovers, a place called Lewis & Carroll Tea might sound familiar since not many cafes are specialized on tea. Located in Kebayoran Baru, the cafe serves more or less 80 kinds of high-quality tea which come from reputable plantations across Indonesia and abroad such as China, Japan, Taiwan, and German. The cafe which was inspired by Clive Staples Lewis and Charles Lutwidge Dodgson uses only the most exceptional ingredients and exquisite craftsmanship to create their trademark tea blends.

Though Lewis & Carroll is all about tea, don’t underestimate the food that is served from its kitchen. Last month, The Peak tried some of its signature dishes. We started with Superfood Salad, a mixed salad that wasn’t only healthy but also tastes good. The cheese, avocado, and almond topping gave tasty yet creamy flavors with a crunchy texture. Meanwhile, the raspberry sauce dressing enhanced the salad with fruity and a little bit sour flavors.

Next, we had a signature pasta of Lewis & Carroll, Fedora Tiger Prawn. It was a tasteful slow-cooked linguine pasta with a thick and creamy tomato sauce, also three prawns. The pasta was perfectly paired with the crispy yet soft in the middle garlic bread. On the contrary of the pasta, there was Pan-Fried Salmon which had a lighter and milder flavor. The dish consisted of a pan-fried Norwegian salmon served with mashed potato as well as mixed salad with lemon buttercream and tomato sauce.

When it comes to drinks, Kyoto Matcha Latte is a must-try. Using matcha leaves from Wazuka Valley in Southern Kyoto, the drink had a rich and milky flavor. What was more interesting, the matcha latte used gula Melaka (palm sugar), instead of granulated sugar, that gave just the right amount of sweetness. Other than that, a cup of creamy yet awakening hot coffee latte named Kopi Susu Tempo Doeloe. Lewis & Carroll also served the refreshing Crystalline Mojito that made from German fruit tea blend of grapes, cranberries, tilla starflower, sea buckthorn, berries, and white cornflower. To add more flavors, the German fruit tea was mixed with infused lime and crushed mint leaves.