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Sudestada Jakarta

Personal Palate from Argentina

Morrones Y Jamon

Everybody should try Matambre, it’s from secondary cut meat. They might like it or not but the idea is, sometimes, good things can come from the secondary cut, it’s not always the expensive one. Personally, I really like the pizzas because we make it with the mother dough. Sometimes people don’t appreciate the dough itself because they use frozen dough or premix dough.”Sudestada Jakarta

1. Short Ribs

A 300 grams U.S prime short ribs that served with potato salad and red bell peppers. Though the ribs were only seasoned with salt, the dish had rich flavour also very easy to cut that came from the slow grill process.

Hand cut Beef Empanadas

2. Empanadas Platter

A plate of assorted empanadas which consisted of various stuffing, such as ham and mozzarella , hand-cut beef, as well as spinach-ricotta mixture. The empanadas were very crunchy with full stuffing and served with a sauce made from the fresh tomato.

3. Morrones Y Jamon

An Argentina style pizza with red bell peppers and ham topping. The pizza was very cheesy since it had less tomato sauce and used more Argentinian mozzarella. That composition also differentiated it from Italian and American style pizza.

4. Matambre

A grilled rose meat with a very tender and moist texture. Made from a thin layer of meat between ribs and skin, the Matambre was very tasty and easily melted in the mouth.

5. Tarta De Limon

A lemon meringue tart that satisfied the palate with a citrusy flavour. The grape and strawberry topping added more freshness to the dessert. Tarta De Limon also topped with mild and sweet meringue to balance the refreshing taste.

6. Churros Con Dulce De Leche

The bite-size churros served with two kinds of sauce. The churros were crunchy outside yet soft inside and perfectly matched with both special Argentinian caramel sauce and chocolate sauce.

7. Smashed Avocado Toast

A beautiful-coloured dish consisted of avocado, cherry tomato, feta cheese, beetroot hummus, and watercress on sourdough. The toast suits for those who crave for a light, fresh and healthy breakfast to start the day.

8. Spanish Fried Broken Eggs

A perfect dish for those who look for a full breakfast. The dish consisted of creamy broken eggs that served with potato, onion confit, and ham