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The Collaboration Dinner

Giving back to society through palatable dishes

On August, a group of professional chefs in Jakarta who are incorporated in Jakarta Culinary Movement held a collaboration dinner in TWG Tea Salon & Boutique, Pacific Place, South Jakarta. Not only presented exquisite dishes from five talented chefs, but the dinner also aimed to get fund for young chefs who have a passion for the culinary industry. “I’ve seen young chefs with a very great passion for cooking and food but, unfortunately, they don’t know how to do it, especially to get the fund. This is the way of us to giving back to the society and to the young chefs,” said Executive Chef of TWG Tea Salon & Boutique, Philip Walasary.

The dinner started with Octopus Tombur by Chef Patrick Ramon, Corporate Executive Chef of Batiqa Group. Tombur is an authentic cuisine from North Tapanuli, North Sumatra. Chef Patrick used an easy-to-chew octopus and served it with tombur gell, andaliman chili cream, and dusted red chai which gave a strong and tasty flavor. It was perfected with crispy potato Tumeric that balanced the flavors, as well as tempe crumble, onion, crispy chicken skin that added crispy texture to the dish.

Next, we had Slow Simmered Boneless Prime Oxtail Gyoza spiced with Oud Night Tea infused beef consomme. Presented by Chef Ivan Leo Mangundap who is Corporate Executive Chef of All In Group, the soup was clear and very light yet had a rich flavor. Meanwhile, the gyoza was well-cooked with super tender oxtail inside.

For the main course, there was Natural Poultry Spring Chicken Confit that was infused with coconut oil and served with Kaleo sauce, also sprinkled with Matcha. Chef Denny Gunawan, Executive Sous Chef from the Westin Jakarta, slow-cooked the chicken breast in 60 degrees heat then roasted it resulting in a moist and tender texture. The tasteful chicken wings-based sauce also enhanced the dish without even over-power the chicken

Another main course was Seared Hydro Aged Australian Veal Striploin infused with Number 12 Tea served with crushed sweet potato, spring vegetable, and caramel sauce. Created by Chef Zikri Rahman, Chef de Produit Créateur of Anggana, and Chef Daniel Edward, Executive Chef of Pullman Central Park, the moist beef had tea flavor that came from seven days fermenting process using tea and perfected with the sweetness from TWG’s Caramel Tea-based sauce.

We topped off the dinner with a unique dessert by Chef Mohammad Idris, Pastry Chef of TWG Tea Indonesia, called Valrhona Chocolate Javanese Brem Cake. The dessert had a slightly cool sensation from the brem with not-too-sweet chocolate flavor. Infused with TWG’s Poetic Star Tea, the cake had a bit salty and gingery flavor with a hint of lemongrass.