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Chef Tatsuya Sakamoto

Fairmont Jakarta is bringing back the ‘When Jakarta Meets’ series for the third year, highlighting Japan as the destination theme. ‘When Jakarta Meets Japan’ will bring in guest chefs and mixologist from Japan to perform a series of Japanese-themed events at Fairmont Jakarta from 18 to 22 September 2019.

‘When Jakarta Meets Japan’ will feature five key events, from afternoon tea in Peacock Lounge, party in K22 Bar, bar takeover in Barong Bar, gastronomic experience in VIEW restaurant and buffet dining in Spectrum.

One of the key highlights is the exquisite Japanese gourmet dining experience that will be held at VIEW Restaurant on 18-21 September 2019, where Chef Tatsuya Sakamoto from SENSHU restaurant will present premium ingredients in an 8-course Japanese gastronomic menu.

On this special occasion, Chef Sakamoto will present his special menu in a stunning course dinner at VIEW Restaurant. To begin the experience, the guest could delight in the Cooked Horned Turban as the starter and continued with the “Trio” of Sweet Shrimp, Sea Urchin, and Caviar. The third course will be the famous Chawanmushi – a traditional Japanese appetizer made from steamed silky smooth savory soft egg custard and delicately flavored and packed with fillings. Chef Sakamoto gives a twist on the traditional dish by presenting the Foie Gras Chawanmushi.

The month of September is considered a good month by Japanese as they are entering the autumn season, where the heat cools down and people have many outdoor festivities during the month. Chef Sakamoto dedicates the fourth dish to celebrate the coming of autumn season by presenting the “KINMEDAI”, Autumn Vegetables, “KINOME MISO” and Foam “YUZU”.

The fifth course is the Abalone from “EZO”, Liver Sauce and Black Truffle, to represent the premium ingredient of abalone, which is also considered the king of the shellfish by many due to its deep and rich flavor.

Before the main course, Chef Sakamoto presents the palate refresher with the special fruit base dish brought from the Kochi Prefecture in Japan. Kochi Prefecture has long daylight hours and the temperature difference between the morning and the evening is great, but the climate is generally warm and so high-quality fruits can grow in the prefecture. They include the “Fruit Tomato” raised with a special harvesting technique that tastes sweet like fruit. As a palate cleanser, Chef Sakamoto presents the Fruit Tomato from Kochi, with the sugar content of 8 degrees.

As the main course, Chef Sakamoto features one of the world’s finest beef – the Kagoshima Beef. Kagoshima is the largest producer of wagyu beef in Japan. Japanese black cattle from Kagoshima Prefecture are the most numerous in Japan, and marketed under the brand mane of “Kagoshima (Black) Beef”. It is the product of years of continuous improvement efforts, handed down from generation to generation. The principal characteristics of the meat are its tenderness and full-bodied flavor, together with well-balanced fat marbling throughout the muscle fibers. Guests can enjoy the distinctive meat that melts in the mouth with a mild flavor. Only such delicately and beautifully marbled beef can deliver such kind of culinary experience. Chef Sakamoto presents the premium “KAGOSHIMA” Beef Sirloin in “SUKIYAKI” Flavor. To close the gourmet experience, guests could enjoy the Autumn Mushrooms and Chestnut Rice, and followed by dessert.

The special dinner will also mark the presence of the Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia, H.E. Ishii Masafumi on 18 September 2019. Limited seats available on each evening at IDR 2,000,000++ per person.

For more information or reservations, please call (+62 21) 2970 3333 or email