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An Interview with Chef Victor Taborda of Sudestada Jakarta

Chef Victor Taborda brings flavours that represents himself through Sudestada

First established as a food truck, Sudestada turned into a grill-bar-café located in Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Last month, The Peak had an opportunity to taste the mouth-watering Argentinian style cuisine at Sudestada. First established as a food truck, it has turned into a grill-bar-café located in Menteng, Central Jakarta. The man behind Sudestada, Chef Victor Taborda, shared his story about how he puts his personal touch into the restaurant, which the philosophy of the name means “the good wind.”

Where did the idea of Sudestada come from?

It’s from my 17 years of career. Every chef has their own restaurant in their mind and Sudestada is the restaurant that I have in mind. I want a really personalize restaurant with an Argentina character and style that represents what I am as a chef.

Who is the biggest influence of your cooking style?

I don’t have any influence, I just try to cook my roots. I don’t follow any recipe or chef, I follow what I’ve learned from where I’ve been living. I put the taste that I like and share to people. In Europe, we call this Cuisina Author or author cuisine. It’s the kitchen of Victor Taborda, so it’s with my influence.

You started Sudestada as a food truck, how did you transform it into a restaurant?

You only have to cook and be honest. It’s the best thing you can do as a chef, doesn’t matter if you do it on top of a truck or in a restaurant. For me, it’s easier to work in a restaurant because we have a kitchen but even when we were in the food truck, we still made our own meat and bread, grill the meat every day to get a tempting look. That’s what I call honest.