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Authentic Experience

 The key to making an ultimate dining experience

Hotseat with Yanti Subianto Zorlu

(Owner of Turkuaz and Warung Turki)

With the F&B industry is growing rapidly, more and more restaurants with various concepts are established but how do they survive the tight competition? For Yanti Subianto Zorlu, uniqueness is one of the keys. “If you’re not unique, you won’t be sustained for a long time. You have to be consistent in maintaining food and service quality too,” she added. The industry’s growth has changed people’s habits in consuming food as well, from taste-oriented to experience-oriented. When it comes to giving an ultimate dining experience, Yanti utilizes the charm of Turkish authenticity as an allure.

It’s embodied in both of her restaurants’ interior that gives a strong Turkish ambiance. “In Warung Turki, it’s even more obvious. You can see a huge wooden oven when you enter the restaurant. People love watching our bakers put the dough in the oven and bake it,” Yanti explained. Moreover, belly dancers and Shisha are available to make the most of Turkish culture experience. In terms of food, Yanti believes that the flavor must remain authentic thus she refuses to make fusion Turkish cuisine. That’s also how they respect the mother and grandmother of Chef Sezai Zorlu, her husband and Owner of Turkuaz and Warung Turki because he learned to cook from them. “Fusion creates confusion,” she closed the conversation.