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Behind The Colours

Jeffry Chandra Tjorawinata gives insights on Indonesia’s paint industry

Shot on location: Futanlux Paint Indonesia, Srengseng, West Jakarta.

When it comes to producing a good quality paint The Sales & Marketing Director of Futanlux Paint Indonesia, Jeffry Chandra Tjorawinata, believes the stability of its raw materials is the main key. “Paint is very sensitive. What’s produced today doesn’t always the same as tomorrow, likewise the raw materials. We use some materials, such as chalk, calcium carbonate, and kaolin, from the locals but the quality can’t always be 100% stable,” he says. Thus, Jeffry prefers to use imported raw materials for his brand, nevertheless, he hopes one day there will be local companies which can produce high-quality raw materials for the paint industry.

From Jeffry’s perspective, one of the important things to do in manage a paint company is knowing the character of its market, especially based on the area and the culture. “Indonesia has a diverse market, so I have to learn. For instance, people in the country prefer to have bright colours like pink or green for their house. Meanwhile, people in the city prefer the soft color like white,” he explains.

According to Jeffry, Indonesia’s paint industry has still ruled by brands from other countries, such as Singapore, Thailand, and India, with a big turnover which makes a lot of money for those countries. “Indonesia is a potential market for them. Thus, the government needs to protect local companies so we can keep growing. I hope the Indonesian paint brands can also be famous abroad, “Jeffry adds. Furthermore, he has prepared the company for the next generation so they will be able to import the brand.