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Fresh and Hygienic Drinking Water From The Tap with BWT

Despite a completely unrelated academic background to her current work, General Manager of  BWT Indonesia, Catherine Chew, has a forthright vision to increase access to hygienic and clean water in Indonesia. This vision is followed by a mission by introducing BWT from Germany – Europe’s No. 1 in Water Technology to Indonesia.

Sitting down for an interview with The Peak, Catherine shares more about how selecting a high-quality water filtration system is akin to sustainable efforts in reducing single-use plastics. Passionate about BWT’s tagline “For You and Planet Blue”, Catherine shares that now is a great time for everyone to learn more about how water filtration technologies can convenience daily activities such as drinking, cooking, and washing. By choosing the appropriate water filtration at home and in public spaces, everyone can consume hygienic water that is bacteria-free and microplastics-free without consuming plastic bottles unnecessarily, which is in sync with the nationwide movement on reducing single-use plastics. It is a big stride forward in reducing consumption of plastic bottles which have been heavily polluting the surrounding environment.

“There are alternatives for energy but that’s not the case for water. We have to be responsible to treat the water we use for drinking and other activities yet at the same time be mindful not to pollute the waters around us too”. Explaining more about the technologies of BWT, Catherine  informs “One outstanding technology from BWT which can transform water into drinking water  quality, otherwise known as potable water, is the AQA Drink Pure’s medical-grade ultrafiltration  technology which is made up of hollow fibre membranes 0.02 micron in size – that is
approximately 4500 times smaller than a strand of hair! It can filter out 99.99% of bacteria,  disease-causing pathogens and microplastics, ensuring fresh and hygienic water from the tap.

Most importantly, drinking water from the AQA Drink Pure also mineralizes the water with  Magnesium, a patented technology of BWT which gives flavor to water.” Catherine is positive and confident that the German technologies from BWT will redefine the inclinations of people drinking water from the tap.