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Embrace The Local Taste

Adhia Absar Shares His Perspective and  Dream about Indonesian Cuisine

It all started in Paris, France, where Adhia Absar Arryman discovered his interest for culinary. Back in 1989, he lived in the city for 8 years and explored through local cuisine. Adhia’s passion for culinary also passed down from his grandmother. “I’m very close to my grandmother and she is a great cook. When I was in Paris, she always sent me her cooking and it was frozen. That was where I got the inspiration,” said the CEO of Umara Group.

In 2012, Adhia established his first restaurant, Sliperry Stone, in Bali. From then on, he expanded his culinary business and created Lumpang Emas, also Umara Catering. Through his business, Adhia aims to bring Indonesian cuisine abroad. However, according to Adhia, Indonesian cuisine’s identity hasn’t been nationalized and unitized. Adhia explained that identity could be defined by the taste and vision of the food. “For me, the identity of Indonesian cuisine is Nasi Campur because it’s everywhere. Whether it’s served with rica-rica, rendang, or gudeg, it’s all Nasi Campur,” he said.

From Adhia’s perspective, there are three factors affect people’s needs for food, namely the capability to cook, accessibility to food, and the lack of time. “Not many people are capable to cook today, so they buy food from restaurants or through online food service. People don’t have time to prepare their meal anymore because they are very busy,” Adhia explained. Therefore, he created his frozen food brand, Laukita, as the efficiency of lifestyle. “Freezing is the best preservation, so we freeze the food when it’s at its peak of freshness. We also use ingredients from selected vendors certified by MUI and B POM,” he added. Adhia hopes his business can be bigger in the future and gives a lot of impacts through food such as creating job opportunities, contributing in the country’s economic growth, as well as bringing Indonesian cuisine to international level.