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Helping People Finding A Place To Call Home

Creating New Ideas and Inspiring People through Interior Design

Having been part of the interior design industry since 2004, Christina Suwardi established her own business, Christina Suwardi Tutorials (CST) to inspire people with her design and turn it into a home. At first, she was faced with a difficult choice between interior and fashion, but eventually, she chose interior design because she wanted to help people finding a place to call home. Like other interior designers, Christina has her style in designing which reflected in the characteristic of CST, easy living and natural. Wood is a material that she always prioritizes on her project. “I always give a piece of Indonesian products in my project, such as solid wood. At CST, all products are local and original, none of them are replicas. They are all home-made and home production from Irian, Papua or Jogja.” According to Christina, beauty and function in the design are two equally important things. When designing something, it is not only how it functions but also how it looks. “In the past, maybe there were not many things that support our design to be realized. But now, we have many things to make it beautiful and functional.” Christina revealed the challenge in designing which is not come from how to make a small room looks big, but it comes from the client. She wants to make the client satisfied and comfortable with her design, and it’s not easy. She advised new people in the world of interior design to actively practice in the field, so they are familiar with things that could change their design. Christina hopes that in 2020, she could be able to publicize her work widely, especially through social media, so it could be learned easily by many people who are interested in the world of interior design.