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Legacy for the Future

Contribute to society through the finance industry

Hotseat with Aakar Abyasa Fidzuno

(Founder & CEO Jouska Indonesia)

After years of working as a personal financial advisor, in 2015, Aakar Abyasa Fidzuno started his financial advisor company named Jouska Indonesia. The idea came up when he helped a victim of bulging investment. “There was a woman that came to me. She was a victim of bulging investment and her financial advisor recommended that investment to her,” Aakar sympathized.

Through Jouska, he aims to give financial literacy that can be easily understood and relatable to everyone. More importantly, financial information has to be accurately told based on the finance and macro-economic principle. “A lot of financial contents are simplified but the concept is wrong and people keep talking about them just because they are good to be heard. That’s why we always try to deliver our contents correctly,” he explained.

Though Jouska captures any kinds of financial issues in general, Aakar also has a particular concern to the millennial generation, especially because in 2030 Indonesia will be run by millennials. Therefore, he teaches millennials about macro-economics, fiscal, and taxes in many opportunities. “If you want the future to be brighter than today, the only way is to make millennials smarter. I have a mission to make millennials financially literate, to pay their tax, and to work hard, so they can face the world with knowledge and proper skills,” Aakar added.

Aakar hopes in the future Jouska will expand and contribute further to the society, government, and industry. “It’s not only the money. Money is very easy in this business. I’m looking for something meaningful. Something that can be a legacy in the future,” he closed.