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Less is More

Embracing the natural make-up trend

Over the years, the makeup trend has shifted from one style to another. This year, the natural make-up style has an allure for beauty enthusiasts as those can easily be found in many fashion shows and beauty magazines. “A lot of women love natural make up, such as ‘no make-up’ look because it fits for every occasion. It’s flexible,” said Indonesian Make-Up Artist (MUA), Mia Muslimah.

To create a ‘no-makeup’ look, Mia recommends using an earthy colour palette, like brown, dusty pink. Add some fake freckles using a brow pencil to make it look even more natural. Last, put a little bit shimmer powder to make the skin looks glowing and healthy. “What differentiates natural make-up from other looks is eye make-up. The eyeliner shouldn’t be drawn too sharp. For lips, just use nude lipstick,” said the lady who adores the renowned international MUA Pat McGrath.

Another make-up style that also gives natural look is Korean make-up style. Based on her experience, Mia found most of the facial characteristic of Indonesian women suit this make-up style. “The key of Korean make-up style is vivid colours. Actually, you can only use one colour but it has to be a bright colour,” she added. According to Mia, there are some characteristics of Korean make-up style. First, the blush that is applied under the eyes. Second, the gradient lip make-up using lip tint which has a darker shade on inner lips that is blended outwards to create a gradient effect. Last but not least, eyebrows are also important when you make a Korean look. In Korean make-up style, the eyebrows are usually thicker. “Korean look’s eyebrows are straight with a slight arc at the end and also thicker,” Mia said.