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Eight years ago, Mullie started to share her daily life stories and cooking recipes through It turned out the readers craved for more information about food. Therefore, she decided to be more focus on food and travelling, Today, the website and its social media profiles are one of the valuable online sources where people can find inspiration about what to eat and where to go.

What do you like the most from your job as a food blogger?

I am happy when I can share all the things for my readers and followers on social media, whether it’s about food, travel tips, or lifestyle experiences. The greatest joy for me is when they appreciate and recognize my work as a food blogger, willing to try the food that we recommend, and then enjoy the food. On top of that, sometimes, we can get the privilege of being the first to try new menus or new products before they launch it to the public. It’s like an exclusive opportunity, a moment to make people drool over the latest food trends haha.

Being a food blogger requires you to eat a lot of food. How do you manage to stay healthy?

Yes, that’s true. That’s why we always try to spend 2-3 times a week to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight by including fruits and veggies in our daily menu.

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“Remember to sharpen your abilities, develop your talents, and share with the world,”

What was the most exciting culinary experience that you ever had?

When we were in Busan, Korea. I heard that we need to be careful when eating live Octopus (San-nakji) because tentacle pieces of the octopus can stick in someone’s throat and cause people to stop breathing. But guess what? We finally decided to eat the live Octopus just like the locals Korean did it. At first, we’re so scared but in the end, we really enjoyed it. The octopus was so fresh and very tasty.

What kind of challenge do you think women encountered today?

Indeed, there are still many people who underestimate what women can do. If any of you experience something like this, you don’t need to feel inferior. Be yourself, prove to the world with the abilities and talents you have, like what I’ve been doing. People never thought that a woman like me would be able to configure Cisco devices, become an MC, a model for a wedding brand, be able to drive my own motorcycle like to cook, do housework, and so on. Remember to sharpen your abilities, develop your talents, and share with the world.

As a food blogger with a lot of followers in social media, how do you inspire other young women?

I think I can inspire other women through my daily activities and from what I share in my Instastory. At the moment, Instagram is a fast and easy platform where I can reach many people, especially women because 65% of my followers are women. From there, I can publicly promote women’s empowerment and inspire them from my daily activities. If you look at my Instastory and highlight stories, there’s a reminder to stay healthy and be fit by exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy body and mind, from what you eat, what you hear, and see. I like to keep things simple but make them meaningful for everyone.

What is the message you want to share through your work, especially for women?

In whatever you do, many challenges can happen but I want to encourage everyone to believe in yourself, find something that can motivate you and something you really enjoy. Be authentic, and don’t give up. Post original content. Show your personality! Make friends and help each other. Work hard, pray hard!