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Airlines that are changing the game through innovation, technology, and services.

Art Direction by Sari Kusumaningrum

Time-well-saved and time-well-spent are the focus of airlines to deliver a better passenger experience. In the industry that is constantly evolving, airlines are finding ways for the passenger to travel with ease and save time through digital innovation, as well as improving the experience by designing comfort and personalized services.

While the industry aims to capture people’s imagination, airlines also introduce their country’s heritage to integrate a touch of storytelling into the passenger experience. Legacy carriers, in particular, can benefit from their “flag carrier” to showcase their national heritage and offer passengers a way to experience local culture onboard.

For business travelers, no matter where you’re going, “business” has never been better. A growing number of airlines have raised the stake for in-flight exclusivity in business-class or, in many cases, suites. The changes have been in line with the travel trends just as long-haul flights are becoming more common.

In this edition, The Peak explored the trends of passenger experiences in the airline industry. We sat down with four airline executives representing their carriers in Indonesia, namely Rashid Al-Ardha – Former Country Manager of Emirates Indonesia, Motoharu Taki – Regional Manager of Japan Airlines Co. Ltd Indonesia Office, Wouter Gregorowitsch – Country Manager of Air France KLM Indonesia, and Ajay Jacob – Country Manager of Qatar Airways to talk about the business in Southeast Asia, the extensive service and experience that they offer to passengers, as well as their ideas on the future of travel and technology.