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Maintaining the Legacy of a Legendary Local Boots Brands

For more than 20 years, Tegep Boots has been consistent to embrace the excellence of leather and turned it into the premium boots also various merchandise. Though there are thousands of materials to choose, for Etnawati Melani, leather is always the best choice. “Leather has been preferred options for our product because of its durability, breathable, elastic, tear proof, abrasion-resistant, heat insulating, supple and flexibility,” said the owner of Tegep Boots. According to Etna, the leather makes shoes stylish and versatile, yet comfortable since the material enables feet to breathe. “It protects shoes with its sturdiness. It has a temperature regulating effect and gives a sophisticated appearance. The higher the quality of the shoes, the more proportion of leather used in its construction,” Etna explained.

In 2016, she started to run the business and continued the legacy of her late husband who was the brand’s founder, Tegep Oktaviansyah. It wasn’t an easy journey to maintain the brand remain to sustain, especially with a lot of obstacles such as economic situation, raw material price, and human resources. “We had to start again from zero since Tegep passed away,” Etna added.


Etnawati Melani

Today, in the era of fast fashion where the trend is rapidly changing, Tegep Boots is still one of the leading local premium leather boots brands. Moreover, she has never be bothered by the fast-changing-trend because she believes in the strength of her products. “We are tailor-made, customized, bespoke and most of our product are changing since our products were made very personal. We have our own character and I think most of our customers know it, that’s why they prefer our brand. We have fanatic costumers,” she said. In the future, Etna is going to expand her business by exporting to Europe and America, as well as preparing the second brand of Tegep Boots with the different target market, and also regenerate the craftsmanship.