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The businessman, who was born and raised in Surabaya, spent a good part of his youth being part of a band and played the pivotal role of the drummer. Keeping the beat has always been a part of Irwan Danny Mussry’s life, as he explains that being a drummer was a symbolic role, which he also applied in his business life today.

What are you up to these days?

You know, we’re excited for the opening of Tory Burch’s new store, and we have the 20th anniversary of the Time Place, so there’s a lot of stuff happening here.

Name one thing that you could not live without?


What’s the best thing about living in Jakarta?

The people.

Where is a place that you want to visit?

I’m a moment person, today I want to be here. 

Who is a person, living or dead, would you like to have a drink with? And what would you drink?

John Lennon, and fine wine.

What do you most proud of?

Working with my people. See them explore and excel with success.

Complete the sentence. If you weren’t The CEO of TIME International, you would be…

I would be a drummer, definitely.


I like to keep the beat, and I like to join a band and be in a group.

If you could visit any period of history, what would you choose?

The 1960s. You know It’s an exploration year.

What is your daily watch?

Depends on my mood, today I have AP and just because I like to have a black watch on my wrist.

Name three important attributes to be a successful businessman

Perseverance, hard work, and drive for success.