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Rio Haryanto started his career with go-kart racing and won first place at the Cadet ASEAN Kart Festival at the age of 8 years. Since then, the young and talented Rio stole the attention of the public, both on a national and international scale. In 2016, he raced for Manor in Formula One in 2016 season. He is the first and only Indonesian driver to compete in Formula One. Today, he is racing alongside David Tjiptobiantoro in Blancpain GT World Challenge Asia for T2 Motorsports, and hope that they can bring the Indonesian flag to the international stage.

What is something new that you learn in the past week?
Making a Tiramisu. Because I like cakes, desserts, and Tiramisu is quite easy to make.
What is the one thing you really could not live without?
Women… (laugh) maybe home.
Where is your favorite place to visit?
Race Tracks
How long can you last without your phone?
Two days.
What is your guilty pleasure?
Food, especially patisserie.
What are the three things that you do when you wake up?
Switch off my alarm, drink water and go to the bathroom.
What day in your life that you would love to re-live?
Sundays, because normally it’s either a race day or a relaxing day
How does it feel like being the first Indonesian racer in Formula One?
I feel proud because it has been a journey to get there. It takes dedication, hard work, and also patience.
What do you see yourself in ten years?
Hope to have a family and also to still be able to do things that I love.
What is the best favorite track you’ve ever raced on?
Belgium, Francorchamps. Because it has a great corner, high-speed corner, and it’s a long track.