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Wouter Gregorowitsch, Country Manager Air France KLM Indonesia

What is the strategy for the airline to boost tourism to your home country?
KLM is the only European airline operating from Indonesia. We offer daily direct flights from Jakarta and from Denpasar to Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport. However, we are not only connecting Indonesians directly to The Netherlands but also our large network of over 160 destinations, Schiphol is a convenient transfer hub.

The Netherlands as a destination has a lot to offer, a trip to the provinces or the Wadden islands is becoming more popular with tourists but the most famous tourist destinations still are Amsterdam and the famous tulip fields, which have a great attraction every Spring.

How are you positioning the brand for the overseas market?
KLM has reached its 100th anniversary by being a pioneer in many areas in the aviation industry. For the future KLM will keep pioneering in several aspects. Most important is creating a more sustainable aviation industry as our top priority. We currently offer customers the possibility to compensate for their CO2 emissions via our CO2ZERO compensation program. We also seek sustainable catering solutions and innovating by renewing our fleet and digitalizing our customer journey.

How do you improve the travel experience for the modern airline customer?
Technology helps us to be where our customers are and where they want to interact with us. Through digitization, we can offer the Best Customer Experience for travelers throughout their entire journey.

Technology and digital tools allow us to connect better with customers, for example, provide personal touches. As an example, if it is a customers’ birthday and we know about it, our crew can surprise the customer with a personal hand-written card and maybe a small present.

It is very much about connecting with customers, makes their journey easy, smooth and memorable!

What do you expect to deliver from the experience of business customers?
In World Business Class cabin we are able to offer a more exclusive travel experience. We collaborate with top Dutch designers to bring Dutch design into the cabin environment. The private and comfortable cabin interior has been designed by Dutch designer Hella Jongerius whose aim was to create a ‘feel-at-home’ class. The beautifully crafted tableware was designed by Marcel Wanders, a renowned Dutch industrial designer. On flights departing from Amsterdam, meals are prepared by Dutch top chefs, who prepare ever-changing menus inspired by destinations and fresh products.

And of course, at the end of each flight travelers can take home on of our famous Delft Blue miniature houses!

What are the challenges you see in terms of the growth of global air travel?
This year we have seen rising fuel costs and trade disputes. These global trends have a negative effect on the aviation industry. Also as already mentioned it is crucial to create a more sustainable aviation industry. We have only one planet and when it comes to the future of sustainable aviation, the expectations are sky high, and we need to act now. We owe it to the next generations and together with our partners, service providers, and suppliers, we need to find solutions for the next hundred years. No one wins in a world that loses.

Regionally, is there enough cooperation between countries to support the increased demand for air travel?
KLM being the only European airline with daily flights from Jakarta and Denpasar to Amsterdam but also to Kuala Lumpur and to Singapore we have a competitive advantage. Synergies are important, strong partnerships are important.

With our SkyTeam partner, Garuda Indonesia, we offer a wide and efficient network within Indonesia and to the world to travelers.