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The scenery in Corsica-Corsica is an island covered by maquis which is a pungent combo of lavender myrtle and heather, as well as pine and chestnut forests. This lovely island also resembles a miniature continent with astounding geographical. The landscape ranges from glittering bays, vibrant, coastal cities, and fabulous beaches to sawtooth mountain ridges, verdant valleys, dense forest, and time-forgotten hilltop villages.

The richness in Flora-Plants and flowers from Corsica’s shrubland have been used for medicinal purposes throughout the island’s history. This richness in flora, combined with a comprehensive mastery of plant life cycles, harvesting periods and distillation processes guarantees the unique quality of the product. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy, medicine, cosmetics, perfumery and occasionally for culinary purposes

La Maquise Hotel, On the south shore of the Gulf of Ajaccio, La Maquise Hotel is in a secluded and naturally protected cove. Offering sea or garden views, the charming rooms feature floral motifs and classic furnishings. Amenities include a private sandy beach, 2 pools, a tennis court, and a table, as well as a fitness room, massage treatments, and a salon.

Hotel Version Maquis Santa Maza, Bonifacio, located in the Gulf of Santa Maza in Southern Corsica, this four stars Boutique hotel is at 10 centre of Bonifacio & the Sperone golf course. This charming hotel will amaze you with its unusual architecture with 10 suites and a Shepherd house with the sea for the horizon with offers you peace and privacy. Steeped in the fragrance of the maquis, wood, and stone this unique place both chic and distinctive will welcome you as if you were at home.

Le Frere Restaurant, Using locally sourced ingredients, wine and meat, the food is simply exceptional. The chef
reinvents traditional recipes with a creative touch. The experience is unique, off the beaten tracks in this lovely garden lost in a charming valley. A hidden gem in the heart of Corsica.

Reserve Saparella, An honest cuisine that’s about sharing, which you can discover in Reserva Saparella
Restaurant. It is part of the local food movement, with particular attention given to the seafood.
Decorated with driftwood and big tables, here you can dine with a spectacular view.

Auberge A Pignata, A family guesthouse nestled in a green environment of chestnut trees, green oaks and pine
trees. It offers an indoor swimming pool, a hammam in the afternoon, riding classes. The Rooms present elegant and modern living spaces and open onto private terraces or a shared terrace. The delicious breakfast is served daily and features homemade jams. For dinner, guests can enjoy tasty homey cuisine prepared with the freshest local products.

Wine, The island of Corsica produces a wide range of wonderful wines, due, in part at least, to the
variety of both soil types and altitudes, as well as the sea-breezes that soften the sun’s heat
near the coast.

Food, Steeped in tradition, full of flavour and proudly local, Corsican cuisine draws on both French and
Italian influences but has its own very distinct character.

Biscuiterie Cherchi,  Discover the delicious Biscuits Cherchi directly from Ajaccio in southern Corsica to taste one of the local specialities.

Terrine Bio Chataigne, This organic Terrine of pork and Corsican chestnuts is a traditional recipe of Corsican grandmothers. It contains pork meat raised in full and chestnuts from the organic farming of Corsica. This terrine will accompany your dinner aperitifs, spread on fresh bread with crunchy pickles. It can also be served as an appetizer with grilled toasts and a freshly seasoned green salad.

Water Reservoir, A bridge between buildings that are used for water reserves inside the houses.

Vitalba massage oils are all made from essential oils and organic vegetable oils. One of the ingredients is known as Immortelle, the everlasting flower. It never fades, even after it has been picked. Its organic essential oil is rich in active molecules with unique anti-ageing properties.

Ajaccio is the capital of Corsica, a French island in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a port city on the rugged isle's
western coast, where the French Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte was born in 1769. His ancestral home, Maison Bonaparte, is now a museum displaying family heirlooms.

Napoleon ‘s Birthplace, a large and simple residence, is now a museum devoted to the Bonaparte family in Corsica. The visit starts on the second floor with a historical evocation of Corsica in the 18th century and is followed by an introduction to members of the family: his parents in the first room, Napoleon, his brothers and sisters in the second room. Visitors are then led into the “Chambre de l & Alcôve” which is thought to have been Napoleon’s room on returning from Egypt. Another room is devoted to the family’s history during the Second Empire and recalls Napoleon III’s travels. The ground floor and the cellar feature a few photographs of the family residences around
Ajaccio and photographs of various agricultural instruments used on the land such as millstones, jars and oil-presses.