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YT Utama Putra and Ivan Gunawan collaborated to design an Italian-inspired jewellery line with the latest innovation.

One of the leading gold jewelry manufacturers in Indonesia, YT Utama Putra, celebrated its 20th anniversary in October at the Grand Ballroom of Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Bandung. At the occasion, the jewelry manufacturer collaborated with Ivan Gunawan as one of Indonesia’s leading designers to present the ‘2020 Trend Vision Fashion and Jewelry Show’, which featured Ivan Gunawan’s fashion collections paired with jewelry collections from YT Utama Putra’s newest brand, Oro da Vinci.

According to Managing Director Arief Budiman, it was a shared vision between Ivan Gunawan and YT Utama Putra that strengthen the collaboration in presenting the best clothing and jewellery trends for 2020. Ivan Gunawan’s commitment to create and design the jewellery was very much in line with YT Utama Putra’s philosophy of Dedication, Transformation, and Innovation.

Oro da Vinci was established as the first premium brand by YT Utama Putra and selected as the flag-bearer for the ‘2020 Trend Vision Fashion and Jewelry Show’. Carrying the tag-line ‘Italian Golden Masterpiece’ the brand features Monalisa collection with the latest technology in the form of the world’s first dragon skin super-light bracelet series, thus, the jewellery is only half of its normal weight but attract attention because of its large size.

At the media luncheon, Ivan Gunawan hoped that the collection able to replace the Miami Cuban jewellery trend, a style that is authentic with heavy appearance. According to Ivan, the ultralight technology can still be purchased as an investment, which will be available in 19K to 22K gold. He also stated that the Oro da Vinci brand offers the splendor of jewelry designs inspired by the masterpieces of Italian artists.

In addition to displaying his jewelry designs at the show, Ivan Gunawan also presented his latest ready-to-wear collection in a sensual and masculine fashion for men and women. Ivan’s collections, which were dominated in black, appears to suit perfectly with the jewellery design that became the centre of attention that night.

The collaboration by Indonesia’s leading designer and jewellery manufacturers resulted in a spectacular show that establishes the benchmark for fashion and jewellery trend in 2020.