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Plataran Menteng Offers the Ultimate Elegance of Indonesian Dining

TEXT: Iwan Martinus Putuhena; PHOTOS: Gugun A. Suminarto

At first impression, Plataran Menteng is a time capsule that brings you back to the colonial era. The stories and moments, as well as history and heritage that converge at Plataran Menteng create an unparalleled dining experience that presents the taste of nusantara. Situated in the prime district of Menteng in the heart of Jakarta, Plataran Menteng is a common place for the city’s most discerning and distinguished diners. Stands impressively on an area of 1,500 square metres, the restaurant displays colonial concept with a homey feel. The three-storey Dutch colonial house features a different theme of Indonesian-Dutch colonial architecture on each floor that consists of elegant dining rooms, private dining rooms, and lounges with a total seating capacity for more than 300 guests. On the third floor, there is a cigar room for the gentlemen, as well as a rooftop area for guests who want to unwind while enjoying the sunset and beautiful scenery.


Inside of Plataran Menteng

Last month, The Peak had the opportunity to savour the rich tapestry of traditional Indonesian flavours. The variety of Indonesian dishes are influenced by culinary in the colonial era and prepared in international standards the modern 5-star hotel kitchen.

For the opener, we tried the tasty and refreshing Salad Prabu, which the ingredients are particularly made for gentlemen because it consists of thinly sliced beef shank that displays masculinity in the salad. The combination of fruits and vegetables, namely pomelo, jicama, guava, mango, pomegranate, sesame seed, with house speciality dressing gave a delightful sensation. And then followed by Udang Nagih which was very addictive and satisfying. The baby prawn was topped with fried garlic, spring onion, chilli, and leek.


Dendeng Batokok

Next, we moved on to the entrée and tasted Pindang Serani, a clear broth salmon soup dish that was light yet flavourful due to the combination of carambola, pineapple, chilli, green tomato, and turmeric. Then we tried one of the best sellers, Dendeng Batokok a traditional Sumatran dish that at first glance looks spicy, but the smoked dried beef with traditional relish and chilli was surprisingly balanced and enticing.

One of my personal favourite was the Kari Ayam Deli, the savoury chicken curry combines with pomelo and curry leaves, served with roti prata was mouthwatering and moist. Not to forgot the vegetable dish, the tasty Tumis Daun Dewa that consists of sautéed dewa leaves, prawn, ginger, shallot, and chilli. Last but not least, we had the satisfying Kerapu Bakar Madura, a baked fresh grouper with rock salt, and chilli relish. This dish was simple and perfectly seasoned.



Kari Ayam Deli

If you still have some room in your stomach, this dessert is the perfect ending that consists of a banana and cheddar rosti.


Pisang Bakar Plataran

Plataran Menteng; Jalan H.0.S. Cokroaminoto No. 42 Menteng