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A Homey Dining Experience at The Penthouse by The Papilion

Located at The Papilion Kemang Level 4th. The Penthouse is a concept of a homely environment where you are able to gather and socialize with your family, friends, and colleagues; the Penthouse offers an intimate space for eating, drinking, and celebrating.

Featuring five individually-designed spaces at one place, from home-cooked meals in The Pantry, afternoon tea in the Living room, a Kaiseki Ryori dining experience in The Dining Room, curated wines and liquors at The Library to simply delicious cocktails in The Gossip Room. The Penthouse is a room of one’s own.


The Penthouse by The Papilion

The Papilion, 4th Floor.

Jl. Kemang Raya No.45AA,

South Jakarta, 12730