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Gran Melia Jakarta invites guests to a relaxing day out in the sun atmosphere at our new ‘The Gin Garden 69’. Guests are able to chill out among friends and colleagues in the great ambiance at El Bombon’s garden, from 1 PM to 10 PM on Monday through Friday. El Bombon will feature creation of cocktails craftsmanship from the talented Beverage Manager, Zulkarnain. He will introduce the new mix of fresh and flavorful ingredients of 69 different gin cocktails, featuring all of the classics and plenty of exciting contemporary gin creations.

Gin Garden 69 unconventional drinks menu is divided into seven categories: the classics features newly interpreted versions of Homemade Infused cocktails using different variety herbs such vanilla pods, cinnamons, lemongrass, black peppers as well as Indian spices. The House Crafted drinks include playful creations like the berry vodka, martini bianco, and gin & grass. The Millennial Martini’s offer more refined liqueur with spiced rum, Bombay sapphire and Monkey 47 among others. The Legends, Bubbled up and Easy Going presents timeless ingredients, refreshing version of old style favorites with creative and light-hearted taste. The menu completes with On Fire section where guests are able to opt out for more enthusiastic alcoholic shots to enjoy.

In addition, the Gin Garden 69 will feature a live DJ entertainment every Thursday and Friday starting from 6 pm. An extensive of freshly barbecued dishes are ready to be savored during this time, including cayenne spiced chicken, rib eye steak, beef ribs with bbq sauce, red snapper pockets, salmon in foil with herb butter, baked potato, as well as corn on the cob. Selection of sumptuous salads, breads, and desserts are also available, to supplement the cocktails and the mouthwatering menu selections.