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A Virtual Voyage: The Macallan X Leica

The Macallan and Leica Indonesia proudly presents the first photo exhibition: The Macallan Estate and Distillery. Through these awe-inspiring photographs captured by four world renowned Magnum photographers – Mark Power, Steve McCurry, Paolo Pellegrin, and Alec Soth, the audiences were taken away into different aspects of the iconic distillery from genesis to completion. The astonishing shots have brought us to the journey of how the distillery was born, how it ‘grew’ out of the ground by showcasing its well-crafted materials used, the workers who have brought it to life, up to the bigger picture of the artistic building itself.

This prestigious photo exhibition was held on Leica Playground, first floor of Plaza Senayan on Oct. 25 to Nov. 17. Bernard Suwanto, Director of Leica Store Jakarta believes that Leica playground is a haven created for photography enthusiasts to gather and connect, hoping they could learn more about the brand Leica, to exchange values and information.

The Macallan Estate and Distillery is part of The Macallan Masters Of Photography series that have long brings together two very different means of art; photography and whisky-making into a masterpiece. Since 2008, the series has featured some of the world’s best legendary photographer with one unique chapter at a time. A single picture has the ability to tell so much more than words, which makes The Macallan Masters Of Photography a long awaited moment for both whisky and photography enthusiasts.