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In July, Archipelago International held its annual Archipelago Heritage Tour. This year, the heritage tour took place in Kampung Betawi (Betawi Cultural Village) at Setu Babakan (Babakan Lake), South Jakarta.  Kampung Betawi is an area that made up of a community that nurtures their culture including physical and non-physical arts which are characterized by Betawi culture. Kampung Betawi has also been a recreational destination for local and international tourist that provides cultural, argo, and water tourism.

In collaboration with Jakarta Good Guide, Archipelago International brought participants to take a closer look to Betawi heritage through fascinating activities. Participants had a tour to Betawi museum which showcases 8 icons of Betawi which are Ondel-Ondel (colorful giant puppets); Kembang Kelapa or Manggar (a static decoration); Betawi’s batik; Sadariah (Betawi’s traditional clothes for men); Kebaya Encim or Kerancang (Betawi’s flowery blouse for woman); Bir Pletok (a herbs and spices-based beverage);  Gigi Balang (traditional ornaments for Betawi’s houses); and Kerak Telor (Betawi’s traditional spicy omelette). After that, they joined workshops and learned to make mini Ondel-Ondel using shuttlecock as well as tried to cook Kerak Telor. Last but not least, participants also visited Betawi’s traditional houses which are Rumah Betawi Gudang or Kandang, Rumah Betawi Kebaya or Bapang, and Rumah Joglo.