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Maxindo Moto as a distributor of BMW Motorrad  in Indonesia introduced the BMW F750GS to the public in Indonesia, a country where motorbikes and homecoming have become a tradition.

The first impression of seeing this motorbike among the crowd of other motorbikes gives a dashing and classy impression. BMW’s name has become an added value. Although carrying an engine with an 800cc capacity but the handling of the F750GS is very easy and light as driving a 250cc motorbike. Among the Jakarta’s traffic density, the F750GS has no difficulties. The new F 750 GS  carries the same 853cc parallel-twin engine found in the F 850 GS.  A different set of intake and exhaust cams, as well as a different  ECU, are the differences. BMW claims the engine puts out 77 HP at 7,500 RPM with 61 lb-ft of torque at 6,000 RPM. That’s a 2 HP  increase and 4 lb-ft of torque increase over the model it replaces.

This is not a huge increase, but the character of the engine has been drastically changed. Even though the F750GS is an adventure bike at heart, the cast-aluminum wheels with a unique air intake that placed on the bar, not on the rim, shiny bodywork, lower seat height, and street-biased tires mean it leans toward the street. In fact, the 750 is designed for new adventure riders who plan to ride mostly on the street and work their way into the dirt. It has lower suspension, a detuned 77- hp engine, and lower bars compared to the 850, making it better for riders who intend to do most of their riding on paved roads.

The F750 GS fairs very well with room for mild off-road capabilities well. It’s not as big and heavy as a fully-grown adventure bike, it’s agile through traffic, keeps you comfortable on bad roads or even off them, promises swift power delivery and offers a lot of electronics to play with. It can easily be a motorcycle you live with every day – a motorcycle that does pretty much everything.