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Teamed up with the renowned Indonesian fashion designer Tex Saverio, Mondial launched its new collection, The Elemental, in October. Inspired by natural elements on earth, the collection consists of five series namely Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, also Metal that perfected with diamond and precious stones by Mondial Jeweler. Each of which reflects the earth’s natural elements charm.

Earth series was imbued with plant’s growth that symbolized by blooming flower petals and leaves shape. The series has various items such as earrings, pendants, and rings. Every item made from a combination of white diamond, coloured diamond, as well as precious stones. The stem created from white diamond, the flower buds created from brown diamond, the flower petals created ruby and pink sapphire.

Wind series has wings shape that represents freedom to reach something higher in life and the freshness of the heart which is available in earrings, necklaces, and rings. Fire series has a dynamic and bright flame shape that symbolizes a spirit and hope for a new beginning. The series made from the dazzling white gold, rose gold, as well as white diamond and it’s available in earrings, necklaces, and ladies’ ring.

On the other hand, the Water Series represents serenity, patience, and zen. For its earings, pendant, and ladies’ ring, the series used pearl as the center stone, also white diamond and the blue diamond that inspired from water as the source of life.

Metal element has always known as a symbol of loyalty, strength, order, and one of the important elements in life, thus Mondial also created Metal Series. Available in earrings, bangle, and ring, the series was made from white gold, rose gold, and white diamond.