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Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta presents the “Historical Batavian Delicacies”, showcasing the diverse and rich flavours of Batavian cuisine, from 18 to 21 March 2019. The Sangri-La’s Executive Chef will collaborate with Chef William Wongso the renowned Indonesian culinary expert, cookbook author and Indonesian food ambassador will take you to an unforgettable culinary journey of this Historical Batavian Delicacies. This event also supported by; Azmi Abubakar as the owner of the Peranakan Museum, ACMI (Aku Cinta Makanan Indonesia) and Jalansutra as food community that passionate about advancing Indonesian cuisine.

Back in the colonial era of the Dutch East Indies, waves of newcomers and spice traders brought a vast array of ethnical cuisines across the globe to Batavia, significantly influencing the city’s culinary culture. The original recipes had undergone minor alterations in the spices used to suit the local community’s palate.

The original recipes of these classical delicacies are based on 1915’s Boekoe Masakan Betawi and Ilmoe Masakan Tionghoa on 1912 from the Peranakan Museum, Tangerang. The display of these colonial-era recipe books will be displayed at the entrance of SATOO during the Historical Batavian Delicacies culinary event.