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Over the centuries, Planeta has passionately produced wine using varieties of grapes from its family vineyards in Sicily, Italy. Built its first winery, Ulmo estate, Menfi in 1995, Planeta established the second winery, Dispensa estate, in the same region. Later, the company expanded its wine-making business to another four regions namely Vittoria, Noto, Etna, and Capo Milazzo. Each of which has its special characteristic of wine.

In Menfi, Planeta’s signatures are the single-variety Chardonnay with ripe yellow peaches, acacia honey, marzipan flavors with some peaty, cereal and toasted aromas; La Segreta Il Rosso with ripe wild fruits, full, herbal flavors; also La Segreta Bianco with balanced and well-judged acid flavor. From Dorilli estate in Vittoria, the single-variety Frappato which has a flavor combination of oriental spices, smoked pancetta, cooked must, marjoram, and prickly pear has been Planeta’s signature. The company also has Cerasuolo di Vittoria and Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico with different blend compositions and vinification processes.

There is also Santa Cecilia, Planeta’s highlight wine from Buonivini estate in Noto that expresses elegance, power, balance, and eminence of the unique aromas of Sicily. In Feudo di Mezzo estate, Etna, the highlights are Etna Rosso that is smooth and fruity with a complex aroma, and Etna Bianco which has juicy, yellow plums and prickly pear flavors. This winery also produces Eruzione 1614 whose grapes from the Sciaranuova vineyard located at 850 meters above sea level. The last winery is La Baronia estate in Capo Milazzo with thick and tannins-flavored Mamertino and soft yet persuasive Nocera as the signature wine.

When it comes to producing wine, Planeta does it sustainably. Thus, the company has been doing some activities to maintain the long-term quality of the environment such as established 10 weather stations to collect climate data, planted grass over its surfaces followed by periodic tests on selected sites, applied organic method to the entire system of pest control, rebuilt existing structures with regard to rural origins of the site, and tested soil management in all its estates.