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Ambrosia Private Club Presents a Mediterranean Fine-dining in a Confidential Vibe.

TEXT: Tara Marchelin; PHOTOS: Gugun A. Suminarto

Bohemian Vibe

A private club might not be a common place for Indonesians. Not many know it even exists, for the last hundred years, this kind of place has been very popular in big cities all over the world, especially in London. Adapting London’s private club concept, Ambrosia Private Members Club entered Jakarta’s culinary scene in December 2018. Ambrosia wants to be a one-stop place, where people can come for drink, lunch, dinner, party, end even meeting, yet still provides exclusivity and confidentiality. Thus, only members and the guests can enter the club located in Jalan Daksa I, Kebayoran Baru. Ambrosia applies the Chic Bohemian design on their interior and highlight it with exquisite chandeliers which create exclusive and confidential vibes that makes Ambrosia a perfect place to escape from the hustling and bustling concrete jungle.

Ambrosia, which named after Greek’s God of food and wine, aims to bring a high-quality fine-dining experience through Mediterranean cuisine. What’s more interesting, Ambrosia serves the food in a very simple and clean presentation as if they don’t want to draw any attention, instead, they let the food speaks by itself. It can be seen in all dishes, including these two from the entree line.

First, Burrata Caprese Salad that brings beautiful contrast colours in one plate. The salad delivers an interesting combination between the soft and rich taste of the burrata cheese and crunchy and fresh sensation of tomato cherry and mesclun mix. The second is Beef Carpaccio Salad which consists of wagyu beef, wild rocket, and lemon wedges. The beef cut into super thin slices that make the dish even more appetizing since it shows its red colour in the center yet grey on the edge. The best way to savour Beef Carpaccio Salad is by squeezing the lemon on top of the salad first. The sour of lemon balances the rare beef and gives a light taste to the dish.


Pulpo A La Gallega


When it comes to the main course, Ambrosia has a lot of selection to indulge everybody’s palate. For those who love seafood will, definitely, love Pulpo A La Gallega as well. It is a tasty smoked octopus cooked with potato and olive oil. The dish has a strong smokey and a little bit spicy flavour with a tender and easy-to-cut texture. Still comes from the sea, Salmon Confit is one of the dishes that can’t be missed in Ambrosia. The dish using cured salmon which served with braised fennel, basic celeriac purée, then topped with fresh dill also salmon roe. The salmon has a solid texture due to the cured process and a slightly sweet taste, which means its a good quality salmon that perfectly combines with all condiments. For those who are meat lovers, there is Lamb Rack. Ambrosia uses Australian Lamb that coated with pistachio crumble. This combination creates a crunchy yet delicate flavour in one spoon that perfected with glazed carrot, grilled leek, mint jelly and potato mousseline as side dish.


Salmon Confit


In the end, a plate of Chocolate Hazelnut Cake would be a great choice to top off the meal. Though it’s a chocolate-based cake which contained soft chocolate sponge cake, hazelnut chocolate mousse and crumbles, Chocolate Hazelnut Cake has just the right level of sweetness, yet it’s still a mouth-watering dessert that you can’t ever get enough.